References. Must be in the Vancouver style. They should be numbered in the order in which they appear in the text, and the numbers should be inserted as superscripts each time the author is cited. Only papers of quality closely related to the authors’ work should be quoted: quote original work rather than subsequent Reviews. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of references. At the end of the article the full list of references should give the names and initials of all the authors, unless they are more than six in which case the first three will be given followed by et al. Example of reference styles Reference to a journal 1. Kisumbi B.K., Watts D.C. Toothbrush/abrasion rates of modified glass-ionomer restoratives invitro. Afr. J. Oral Health Sci. 2000;1:1-5. Reference to a complete book 2. Scully C, Cawson R.A. Medical problems in dentistry. Wright: Bristol. 1993. Reference to a chapter in a book 3. Guthua S.W. Orofacial infections. In: Hassanali J., Nandasaba M., Guthua S.W., Amwayi P., eds. Orofacial anatomy. University of Nairobi Publications: Nairobi, 1997; pp 60-71. Reference to an agency publication 4. Gart J.J., Krewski D., Lee P.N., et al. Statistical methods in cancer research. Volume III. The design and analysis of long-term animal experiments. Agency for Research on Cancer: Lyon. IARC Scientific Publication No. 79. 1986. Reference to a dissertation or thesis 5. Ogwell A.E.O. Assessing and Explaining tobacco use among primary school students in Nairobi province, Kenya. MPhil Thesis, University of Bergen, Bergen Norway. 2002.

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