Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to Alternatively, three hard copies and an MS Word copy of the manuscript on compact disc should be sent to: The Editor-in-Chief, AJPARS c/o Department of Physiotherapy, College of Medicine University of Ibadan PMB 5017, GPO Dubge Ibadan Nigeria. PREPARATION OF MANUSCRIPTS Manuscripts must be in English language, typed with doublespacing in 12-point Times New Roman, on one side of the paper only, and with at least 2.5 cm margins on either side. All pages must be numbered sequentially. Manuscripts should be subdivided into the following sections as appropriate: Title page, Summary, Text (Introduction, Methodology, Results, and Discussion), Acknowledgement(s), References, Tables and Legends for illustrations. Title Page The title page, which is the first page of the manuscript, must contain the full title of the paper, the author(s) name(s) and not more than two academic and/professional qualifications, and the address(es) of the author(s). This page should also contain a running title of not more than 70 characters and spaces, and the name, address, e-mail and telephone/fax number of the author for correspondence. Summary All manuscripts must be accompanied by a summary not exceeding 250 words. This should include objective, methodology, results and conclusions/recommendations. Three to five key words should also be included for indexing purposes. Symbols, Abbreviation and Conventions Symbols, abbreviations and conventions in the manuscript should follow the SystPme International d’UnitJs (SI units). In every instance, the abbreviated word(s) should have been written in full on the first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. References This journal accepts manuscripts prepared in accordance with the Harvard style of referencing and the Editorial Board will consider only papers conforming to this style. References in the text should be quoted in the following manner: Oshin (1998) or Sanya and Adegoke (1943), or if there are more than two authors, Akinpelu et al (1990). References should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order according to the first author’s surname. If references to the same author(s) have the same year, they should be differentiated by using letters, e.g. 1999a and 1999b etc. It is the responsibility of the author(s) to verify all cited references against the original article prior to submission to AJPARS. This journal will not accept responsibilities for any improperly cited authors of published materials. The style of referencing should be as follows: Sanya, O.A., Akinpelu, A.O., Jaiyesimi, A.O. and Odole, A.C. (1980) The comparative effect of open and closed kinetic chain exercise on osteoarthritis of the hip. Nigeria Rehabilitation Journal 4, 129-138. Adegoke, B.O.A. (1992) The Osteoarthritic Knee. London, University Press. Hamzat, T.K., Odunaiya, N.A. and Ogwumike, O.O. (1987) Assessment of sensitivity of a knee osteoarthritis physiotherapy outcome measure in two selected racial populations. 44th NSP Conference, Ibadan, Nigeria 28th-30th December 1987 (Unpublished). Fabunmi, A.A. and Adeniyi, A.F. (1976) A framework for industrial physiotherapy services. In: Ayanniyi, O. and Olanrewaju, R.K.(eds.) Total Physiotherapy: a compendium. Ibadan: African Book Builders, pp70-78.. Tables These should not be a repetition of materials in the text or illustrations. Tables should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals when cited in text. Each table should be typed doublespace on a separate page with a short but informative title. PROOFS Edited proofs will be sent to the corresponding author (unless otherwise indicated) for corrections. No alterations to the original substance will be entertained. To ensure rapidity in publication, authors are requested to provide good manuscripts following the above instructions and return proofs within two weeks of receipt. COPYRIGHT Articles submitted to the African Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences are taken to represent the original, unpublished work of the author(s) and as not being considered for publication elsewhere. This does not include abstracts of oral presentations that are printed in the proceedings of societies, conferences or symposia. ETHICAL ISSUES In reports of experiments or clinical studies on human subjects, the authors should indicate by a statement in the manuscript that they complied with the requirements of the ethics committee of the institution where the study was conducted. The letter of approval from the ethics committee may also accompany the manuscript. In an establishment where an ethics committee is non-existent, the Helsinki declaration principles, as revised, should be strictly adhered to and so indicated by statement in the text of the manuscript. OFFPRINTS Ten offprints will be given to the corresponding authors at no extra cost by the journal. PRINT CHARGE Authors will be informed of the charge on final acceptance of the manuscript.

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