Published: 2014-06-26

Peptic oesophageal stricture in children: Management problems

M Zouari, H Kamoun, H Bouthour, RB Abdallah, Y Hlel, RB Malek, Y Gharbi, N Kaabar


Lipoblastoma in childhood: About 10 cases

Y Kerkeni, L Sahnoun, A Ksia, S Hidouri, J Chahed, I Krichen, M Mekki, M Belghith, A Nouri


Congenital anomalies in paediatric surgery in North India

B Jangra, M Singh, KN Rattan, YS Kadian, A Kaur


Van der Woude syndrome: A review of 11 cases seen at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital

O James, WL Adeyemo, CI Emeka, MO Ogunlewe, AL Ladeinde, A Butali


Cavernous haemangioma mimicking as clitoral hypertrophy

S Nayyar, N Liaqat, N Sultan, SH Dar


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eISSN: 0189-6725