Published: 2024-06-04

Clinical features of women with gouty arthritis in Cameroon, sub-Saharan Africa

F.K. Lekpa , P. Eloundou , S.R.M. Njonnou , F.S. Bebey , B.F. Talongo , E.M. Tamo , H.N. Luma , M. Singwe-Ngandeu


Comparative study of isthmic spondylolysthesis and nonisthmic spondylolysthesis in Northern Togo

M.L. Diallo , S. Oniankitan , V.E.S. Koffi-Tessio , Y. Lobe Batchama , E. Fianyo , K.A. Nouvedji , P. Lokou , A.E. Atake, C. Tagbor , P. Houzou , K. Kakpovi , O. Oniankitan


Neck pain in Burkinabe students who use smartphones: frequency and associated factors

T.W.J.S. Zabsonre , F. Kabore, C. Sougue, D.S. Zabsonre , C. Sompougdou , Y. Tiaho , A.H.A. Maiga, B Savadogo, D.D. Ouedraogo


Functional results of physical and rehabilitative management of patients treated for low back pain at the Teaching Hospital of Brazzaville, Congo

N'Soundhat N.E. Lamini , Ossemba J.M. Mbouale, Y. Moigny-Gajou, R.A.L. Angalla , D.C. Nkouala-Kidede, B.F. Omboumahou, R.M. Ntsietankazi , R. Bileckot


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print ISSN: 2307-2482