Education facilities and motivation of teachers & students at correction centers: the case of Goba, Delomena and Sheshamene Oromia in Ethiopia

  • Gamachu Gishe Badasa
  • Isa Aliye Sado
  • Yealemwork Geshow Melesu
Keywords: Correction Centers, prison, education, teachers’ and students’ motivation, Ethiopia


The main objective of this study was to assess the status of Correction Centers’ education. To achieve this objective institution based qualitative design was employed for three correction centers: Goba, Delomena and Sheshamene Oromia. Data was collected from Correction Center heads, education coordinators, prisoners, education office heads and counselors. Different data collection tools such as interviews, focus group discussion, and observation were used. Analysis was done qualitatively via arranging data thematically according to objectives of the study. The research found that the education delivered in the Correction Centrers was inadequate. All Centers had no budget for education program and left the education to the mandate of the education office. Goba Correction School had better education services. More specifically compared to government hired teachers at Sheshamene Center, prisoners who serve as unpaid teaching assistants were highly committed. Therefore, it will be a good idea if Oromia Correction Center Commission reevaluate its plan and support Correction Center education without leaving the mandate to the nearby education office.

Keywords: Correction Centers, prison, education, teachers’ and students’ motivation, Ethiopia


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eISSN: 2409-5605
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