Refugee protection in the era of complex migratory flows: a reflection on ubuntu and social work practice

  • Johanne Mhlanga
Keywords: refugee, exclusionary, migratory flows, ubuntu, social work


The refugee crisis is a scar on the conscience of humanity. It is complex. This complex problem is submerged in yet another enigma facing the international community today, that is, the mixed migratory flows. In the face of the complex mixed migratory flows in a globalised village, the international community seem to be gravitating towards exclusionary policies instead of solidarity and burden sharing. What a paradox? A cursory audit of the current situation reveal a sordid and sad reality. Refugee flows are looked at with security lenses rather than humanitarian lenses. This in itself is a call for scholars, politicians and humanitarian workers to go back to the drawing board and tap the values of Ubuntu in solving the crisis. This paper submit that the answer to the current challenges lies in entrenching the Ubuntu philosophy in working with refugees and products of mixed migratory flows. This dovetails with the call by the United Nations in September 2016 when Heads of Governments adopted the New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants. The message is clear, let Ubuntu prevail in the face of the changing world where refugee and migration phenomenon have become the order of the day.

Keywords: refugee, exclusionary, migratory flows, ubuntu, social work


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