An ubuntu definition of the family in migration and childcare issues: the case of Zimbabwe

  • Babbot Muchanyerei
Keywords: Ubuntu; family; migration; childcare; Zimbabwe


That family (nuclear and/or extended) play a fundamental role in defending cultural practices in many societies is not far-fetched. In fact, the family unit has continuously and fervidly contributed towards the embedment of social norms and cultural values among many African communities especially in the midst of profound socio-demographic transitions such as inter-country migration. This treatise examines the critical role that the family plays in migration issues such as caring for the children of family members who have migrated to other countries for different reasons. This is done within the Zimbabwean context given the fact that many Zimbabweans have migrated to several countries especially in the past two decades mainly due to the socio-political and economic conditions currently prevailing in the country. The author challenges the use of the term ‘extended family’ as unfitting and un-African and concludes that the important role played by the family in migration matters especially regarding childcare in the absence of migrant parents needs to be further explored through more empirical research.

Keywords: Ubuntu; family; migration; childcare; Zimbabwe


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