Challenges of Social Work in Nigeria: A policy agenda

  • Oluwaseyi Isaiah Alamu
Keywords: Nigeria; policy agenda; service; social work; social worker; welfare program


Despite the various efforts put in by social workers, there are challenges posed as hindrances to the growth of welfare programs in the country. Parts of these challenges are the poor funding of education, welfare and infrastructures in Nigeria by government, individuals and other organisations. Some of those in the profession are not qualified or duly trained as a result of inadequate instructional materials. In addition, government’s commitment to seeing full effect of social work in the country was lagging behind by not providing a conducive environment for its operation. In order to achieve the purpose of social work in Nigeria such challenges need to be resolved. In view of this, social work was considered from a public administrator’s perspective. Consequently, this paper recommended that the professional body overseeing the social workers should be strengthened; level of training of social workers ought to be raised to global standards and government as well as other corporate bodies should have regular financial commitment to instigating welfare programs. It concluded that feasible policy agenda will engender effective social work activities in Nigeria.


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