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Determinants of HIV/AIDS Risky Behaviours among Senior Secondary School Students in Aba North Local Government Area, Abia State

CA Onwubiko, SC Ivy, O Kalu


Background: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) remains one of the most serious health problems in the world today. It is a fatal disease which affects all body systems as well as the mental health and social relationships of carriers and asymptomatic patients.

Objective: To determine the pattern of HIV/AIDS risky behaviours and associated determinants among senior secondary school students in Aba North Local Government Area, Abia State.

Method: A descriptive cross sectional study carried out to determine the determinants of HIV/AIDS risky behaviours among senior secondary school students in Aba. The multi stage Technique of the probability sampling technique was used in this study to select four (4) public schools in Aba North LGA.

Results: The mean age of respondents was 16.06 with an S.D 0f 1.13. Response rate was 99.3% (51.5% females and 47.8% males). 60.4% (249) of our respondents were in SS1, 38.8% (160) were in SS2 and 0.7% (3) were in SS3. 0.5% (2) of the students were within 12-13 years, 23.3% (96) were within 14-15 years, 61.4% (253) were within 16-17 years and 1.0% (4) were 18 years and above. From our findings, 18% (74) of the students were sexually active and majority were within the age range of 16-17 years. 85.9% of the respondents agreed they share sharps like razor blades, clippers etc.

Conclusion: The risky behaviours mostly identified were sharing of sharp objects and Sexual activity and some of the determinants considered were Age, Sex (gender) and place of residence.

Keywords: HIV, Risky behaviour, Secondary School, Nigeria

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