Author Guidelines

  1. Paper for publication can be Original Articles, Review Articles, Case Reports or Short Essays.
  2. Papers must be ORIGINAL, and relevant to the medical practice and teachings. Published papers in other journals will not be accepted.
  3. ABSUMSAJ will not accept ‘Gift Authorship.’ Authors must have made significant contributions to the design and execution and/or analysis/writing of the paper. For Case Reports, author(s) must have participated in the management of the patient(s).
  4. Only standard abbreviations, where indicated are needed. The use of proprietary brand names of drugs is discouraged except in papers on drug research.
  5. Manuscript for publication should be typed, double spaced with wide margins and submitted in duplicate.
  6. References should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they were cited in the text of the paper. (Vancouver pattern). This is in accordance with the uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals by International Committee of Medical Journal Editors: BMJ 1982; 2884: 1766-1770, 1991; 302: 338-341. N.Engl. J. Med. 1991; 324. Papers accepted but not yet published may be cited with the journal designated and ‘in press’ added.

                                i.            For standard journal articles: Author(s) name(s) and initial(s). Title of article. Name of Journal. Year of Publication; volume (in Arabic numeral); page. E.g. Mbanaso A. U, Adisa A. C, Roles of Maggots in Surgery. JOMIP, 2004; 64-73.

                              ii.            For books: Author(s) name(s) and initial(s), Book title, Edition, Place of Publication, Publishers, Year of Publication and Page. E.g. Onuigbo WIB, Primary Pathology. Enugu. Medical Foundation Publishers. 2003; 86-114. If author(s) is/are editor(s), indicate this after the Name(s) and initials.

                           iii.            Website references should bear the author’s name, title of paper, the website and the date accessed.

  1. Original articles should be written in the following format, each of which should begin on a new page.

                                i.            Title page with the full title of the paper, author(s) full names, academic qualification(s), addresses, (departmental or institutional affiliations). Title should not exceed 40 words.

                              ii.            Abstract (150-200) words stating the objectives, backgrounds, methods, results and conclusion of the paper.

                           iii.            Keywords (3-5 words) or short phrases are written Immediately after the abstract

                            iv.            Introduction

                              v.            Materials and Methods

                            vi.            Results

                         vii.            Conclusion

                       viii.            Acknowledgement (if necessary)

                            ix.            Reference (minimum of 15 as stated in No 6)

NB:     Original articles should not exceed 2000 words with a maximum of 5 tables or illustrations.

  1. Review articles should be written using the format below

                                i.            Title (with author(s) names, academic qualifications and address)

                              ii.            Summary

                           iii.            Introduction

                            iv.            Main body with sub headings

                              v.            Conclusion

                            vi.            References (a minimum of 25)

  1. Case reports should be written under the headings

                                i.            Title (with author(s) names, academic qualifications and address)

                              ii.            Abstract (containing the background, case, presentations and conclusion)

                           iii.            Introduction

                            iv.            Case presentation

                              v.            Discussion

                            vi.            Conclusion and Reference (not less than 3)

NB:     Case report should not be longer than 600 words with a maximum of 3 tables or illustrations.

10. Illustrations and tables should be numbered consecutively in roman numerals in the order in which they appeared. They should be referred to in the text. Explanatory notes should be placed as footnotes. Illustration should be submitted as photographs or in black Indian ink on white papers suitable for publication. Radiographs should be submitted as glossy prints or good quality photocopies. They must have a key explaining any symbols used in the illustration.

11. Correspondence, in form of comments relating to materials in previous editions of the journal will be published in the ‘Letter to the Editor’ column. Such letters should not exceed 600 words, not more than three (3) references and must be brief and concise.

12. Short essays and reports on areas of health administration and general medical interest are accepted on special demand.

13.Submission of manuscripts should be with a Cover letter bearing the full names and contact information, signed by all co-authors in a big envelope addressed to the Editor-in-chief, through the Editorial address or through the email address provided.


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