Relationship between species composition and homegarden size in Odeda lga of Ogun State Nigeria

  • DO Aworinde
  • SM Erinoso
Keywords: Homegarden, Odeda, Southwestern Nigeria, Species composition


Studies on correlation between species composition and homegarden size in thirty (30) house gardens in Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State, Southwestern Nigeria was conducted. Plants grown and maintained by household members and the diversity of vegetal species and their uses were assessed using semi-structured questionnaire and structured  interview. A total of 120 different plant species belonging to 50 Families were documented. From the data, Euphorbiaceae, Solanaceae, Rutaceae, Malvaceae, Caesalpiniaceae, Poaceae and Apocynaceae (in order of decreasing number of species) were the most frequent Families. Taxa such as Musa species, Vernonia amygdalina, Citrus species, Psidium guajava and Terminalia catappa were found to be the common food/medicinal plants as evidenced by their densities in the study sites. The household members cited most of the plants as food; others as medicinal and  ornamentals. Miscellaneous uses include cosmetics, ceremonial and scouring. Homegarden products serve alimentary purposes and represent promising base materials for poverty alleviation and may also help to  augment “fresh” food nutrient intake. Pearson Correlation analyses indicated no statistically significant association between species  composition and homegarden size (Simple correlation=0.289, P=0.122). Species composition and homegarden structures as well as plant uses are discussed.

Key words: Homegarden, Odeda, Southwestern Nigeria, Species composition


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eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996