Screening of some cowpea genotypes for photosensitivity

  • Y Nuhu
  • FB Mukhtar
Keywords: Cowpea genotype, Phenology, Daylength, Photosensitivity


Experiments were conducted in 2008 at International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Kano Station. The varieties were planted in March which coincided with the dry season and in July for the rainy season planting. Data were collected on number of days taken from sowing to flower bud
initiation, first opened flower and first pod maturity. This was aimed at evaluating the effects of daylenths on phenology. The results revealed that daylength had significant effect on phenology in all the genotypes. Four genotypes including IT99K241-2, IT97K 568-19, IT99K 213-11-1, IT98K 131-2 and IT99K 216-48-1 were found to be photoperiod sensitive while four genotypes which include IT99K 1092-2, IT97K 454-3, IT97K 409-4 and IT93K 452-1 were observed to be photoperiod insensitive. Based on the results, the cowpea genotypes were characterized into early
(IT98K 131-2, IT99K 1092-2, IT93K 452-1, IT97K 409-4 and IT97K 454-3), medium (IT97K 568-19, IT99K 216-48-1 and IT99K 213 – 11 – 11), and late (IT99K 241-2) maturing varieties.

Keywords: Cowpea genotype, Phenology, Daylength, Photosensitivity


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eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996