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Nutritional composition, antinutritional factors and elemental analysis of <i>Nymphaea lotus</i> (water lily)

RSU Wasagu
M Lawal
LG Galadima
AA Aliero


The study is aimed at evaluating nutritional composition, antinutritional factors and elemental analysis of three parts (roots sample RS, seed sample SS and leave sample LS) of Nymphaea lotus (water lily) using standard  methods. The plant parts were analyzed for the content of crude lipid, crude fiber, crude proteins, ash,  moisture and carbohydrate was estimated by difference. Crude lipids and carbohydrate were higher in seeds,  while crude protein was exceptionally higher in the leaves. There are moderate amount of both antinutritional  factors and heavy metals. The vitamin E content was high in the seeds sample while other vitamins  determined were present in all plant parts respectively. Considering the potential nutritive and health benefits  of the underutilized water lily, it is suggested that utilization of water lily should be encouraged so as to  ameliorate the problem of malnutrition, since it is rich in nutrients.

Keywords: Nymphaea lotus, Nutritional, antinutritional factors, water lily, elemental analysis

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eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996