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Assessment of cotton-seed (<i>Gossypium</i> species) meal as ingredient in the diet of <i>Clarias gariepinus</i> juveniles

A Ashiru
SA Abdullahi
J Auta
YP Hussaini
BA Mohammed


The effect of feeding graded levels of cotton GossypiumSpp. seed meal as an inclusion in the diet of Clariasgariepinus juveniles for growth performance was analysed in comparison with the conventional commercial fish feed. Six experimental rations formulated were cotton-seed Gossypium spp. meal replaced fish meal at graded levels of 20%, 30%, 40% 50%, and 100% and were fed to Clarias gariepinus juveniles for 56 days. The experiment was conducted in six outdoor concrete tanks in the Department of Biological Sciences Garden, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. Data for each parameter were subjected to Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and the means for various experimental diets were compared for significant differences at 0.05% level of inclusion. The results showed that fish fed with diet contained 20% cottonseed meal (D1) gave the best Body Weight Gain (81.28g), Specific Growth Rate (2.23), and Condition Factor (1.49), while diet contained 30% cottonseed meal (D2) gave the least Weight Gain (49.67g), Specific Growth Rate (1.58) Conversion Ratio (3.64) and Condition factor (0.79). The results were significantly different (p<0.05) for both growth and feed utilization parameters. Therefore, cotton-seed meal can be used as a replacement for fish meal at 20% level of inclusion. The results established significant reduction in production cost while optimal production is achieved.

Keywords: Cotton-seed (Gossypium species), Diet, Growth performance, Clarias
gariepinus juveniles

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eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996