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Design and simulation of 120 capacity automobile parking control system using up/down decade counters

GSM Galadanci, SM Gana, HA Aliyu


In this work, a 120 capacity automobile parking control system was designed and simulated. The design was carried out using 3-cascaded 74HC190 decade up/down counters in connection with MCT6 phototransistor optocoupler sensors, Gated S/R latch, LEDs display, logic gates and DC motor circuitry. The up/down counters were used for both up count from 1 to 120 and down count from 120 to 0. The sensors are placed at both the entry and exit gate of the parking lot in order to provide a pulse to the up/down counter whenever an automobile enters or leaves the parking lot. The DC motor circuitry is used to control the gate(entry gate) by closing the entry when the counter counts up to 120, so that no automobile will be allowed in. When one or more automobile leave(s) the parking lot through the exit gate the counter counts down, and the DC motor circuitry drives the entry gate open to allow access for the same number of automobiles that leave(s) the parking lot. The design was implemented and simulated using National instrument (multisim 11.0) and proteus softwares. The simulation results shows that the system functioned as desired.

Keywords: Decade up/down counters, phototransistor optocoupler, Gated S/R latch, LEDs display, logic gates and DC motor circuitry.
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