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Extraction and physico chemical properties of some edible seed oils sampled in Kano metropolis, Kano state.

MD Saeed
EA Shola


Six edible seed samples were obtained from Yankura market in Kano metropolis, Kano state. The samples were subjected to extraction for their oil contents. The percentage oil yield from the seeds were 40.60% for Moringa oleifera, 49.39% for cashew, 47.80% for sesame, 11.92% for bitter kola, 38.30% for melon and 28.68% for water melon respectively. Proximate Analysis was also conducted and the results revealed that the moisture content of the seeds were in the range of 4.55% - 9.51%. The Ash contents ranged from 2.60% - 4.50%. The percentage crude fibre for these seeds ranged from 3.50% - 12.00%. The physicochemical properties of the oil extracts revealed that acid value contents were in the range of 0.0561mgKOH/g – 0.84mgKOH/g. Iodine value were in the range of 53.99gI2/100g – 124.40gI2/00g. The peroxide values ranged from 3.45meqKOH/g – 13.41meqKOH/g while the saponification values in the oil extracts were in the range of 162.42mgKOH/g – 247.95mgKOH/g. The free fatty acids values ranged from 0.096mgKOH/g – 1.34mgKOH/g. The results of these analyses were subjected to one way analysis of variance (ANOVA) (p<0.05) and were all in agreement with standard values of AOAC, (1990) which implies that the oil extracted from these seed samples can be used for consumption and for industrial applications.

Keywords: Melon, Moringa, Oil yield, Physico chemical properties and Proximate composition.

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eISSN: 2006-6996
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