Assessment of commercially packaged water for faecal bacterial indicators in Kano metropolis and its environs

  • J.M. Ajagbe
  • S.A. Junaid
  • A.H. Kawo
Keywords: Packaged water, Bacterial Indicator, Kano metropolis.


A total of 60 commercially packaged drinking water comprising of 48 sachet and 12 bottled water samples were randomly collected and tested for bacterial indicators of fecal contamination. Escherichia coli type 1, Streptococcus fecalis and Clostridium perfringes were used as indices to evaluate potability, using Presumptive and Differential Coliform Counts. The results obtained were analyzed using McCrady's Statistical Table of Probability to ascertain the Most Probable Number (MPN) of Coliform organisms per 100mls of the water. Of the 48 sachet water analyzed, 2 (4.2%) were positive for Presumptive Coliform Count (PCC) with the first and second water  samples showing a count of 160 MPN/l00mls and 30MPN/100mls respectively. All the bottled water analyzed were negative for PCC. Since the need for consumption of packaged water cannot be underestimated, it is of great necessity that the waters are properly treated in order to meet the bacteriological Standards for Potable drinking water.

Key words: Packaged water, Bacterial Indicator, Kano metropolis.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996