Titrimetric determination of arsenic concentration in water samples collected from Hadejia Emirate council, Jigawa state, Nigeria

  • S. M. Aliyu
Keywords: Arsenic, Borehole, Irrigation Channels, FAS, WHO


This research is aimed at titrimetric determination of Arsenic concentration in samples collected from boreholes and irrigation channels of Hadejia Emirate council, Jigawa State, Nigeria. Twenty three samples were randomly collected using standard techniques. The pH of the samples was determined immediately at the collection site. The Arsenic concentration was determined using Flame Absorption Spectrophotometry (FAS). Results show the concentration of Arsenic from boreholes in the range of 0.006ppm to 0.014ppm with the mean of 0.011; while that of irrigation channels ranges from 0.006ppm to 0.010ppm with the mean of 0.009. This shows that all the samples from irrigation channels have Arsenic concentration below World Health Organization (WHO) as well as Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) permissible limits. However, some samples from boreholes were a little bit above permissible limits of afore mention organizations. It is therefore recommended among others that government and private organizations should keep on monitoring this concentration at regular interval.

Keywords: Arsenic, Borehole, Irrigation Channels, FAS, WHO

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eISSN: 2006-6996
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