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2D electrical resistivity tommorgraphy for environmental, engineering and hydrogeological application in Igarra, Nigeria

A. Adamu, J. E. Aisabokhae, Y.D. Bachama


The application of geophysical method in subsurface investigation at several locations in Igarra, Nigeria has revealed detailed information about the hydrogeological and geotechnical implication of the surveyed locations. Electrical resistivity survey using the wenner-schlumberger array configuration used to characterize a total of fifteen profiles in a sedimentary environment. The true resistivity structures were interpreted using Zondres2D program for 2D smoothness constrained inversion. The outcome of this 2D study includes delineation of aquiferous layers and their recharge zone, and the estimation of its depth in Onumu area, the geotechnical analysis of the soil structure in supporting road construction in Ogbe area, and the environmental prospects and problems in Isale and Ayetoro areas respectively. The essence of this study is to emphasis the usefulness of 2D resistivity mapping as a powerful geological mapping tool from which reliable sections of the subsurface can be created.

Keywords: 2D resistivity mapping, geotechnical analysis, wenner-schlumberger array, hydrogeological implication
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