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Determination of percentage of caffeine content in some analgesic tablets

A.B. Mahmoud


Two methods were employed for the determination of percentage Caffeine content in three brands of analgesic tablets which are; Extraction using only water as a solvent and Extraction using both water and chloroform as solvents, watch glass has been used as the weighing apparatus and the percentage of Caffeine content in each tablets were calculated. . The percentage of caffeine using only water as a solvent in three different tablets; Ibuprofen, Boska, and Panadol Extra were 7.40%, 5.60% and 4.60% respectively. While the percentage of caffeine using both water and chloroform in three tablets were 7.40%, 5.50% and 5.22%.The percentage yields of the analgesic tablets content gave more extract when water and chloroform extraction solvents were used with 98.67%,96.50%,98.31% for the three tablets respectively.

Keywords: Ibuprofen, Boska, Panadol Extra, Caffeine


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eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996