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Relationship between physicochemical parameters and zooplanktons in Karidna reservoir, Kaduna state

M.T. Abdulazeez
A.H. Bello
N. Alhassan
Y. Wada


The study was conducted for a period of one year between October 2013 and September 2014 with the aim to establish the relationship between physicochemical parameters and zooplanktons in Karidna Reservoir. Five sampling stations were chosen; the physicochemical and biological parameters were determined using standard methods, procedures and instruments. The results obtained for the physico-chemical parameters indicated thatpH (6.19-8.63),Temperature (25.94-31.54oC), Electrical Conductivity (38.20-64.20µS/cm), Total Dissolved Solids (19.20-37.20 mg/l), Transparency (19.40-40.10 cm) Dissolved Oxygen (2.40-6.81mg/L), Hardness ( 3.48-174.4mg/L) Calcium (2.14-3.86mg/L),Biological Oxygen Demand (2.91-40.85mg/L), Chloride (2.28-3.58mg/L) Phosphate-phosphorus (0.04-0.24mg/L), Nitrate- Nitrogen (0.14-0.30mg/L), Sulphate (0.06-0.21mg/L) Alkalinity (2.51-5.04mg/l). Po4-, NO3-,SO4-,EC,TDS,Transparency,D.O and B.O.D were highly significant at (P<0.01) between the seasons while non-significant differences were observed in Cl, Hardness, Alkalinity, Temperature and pH. It was only Calcium that was significant at (P>0.01).Zooplankton samples were collected with silk plankton net of 25cm diameter of 70µm meshes attached with a bottle of 50ml capacity at the base and collection of samples of zooplanktons through vertical hauling.Five different groups of zooplankton were identified in this study where Rotifera group represented as the most dominant group securing seven genus .Almost all groups of zooplankton were found at a higher number in the wet season whereas dry season represented the lowest number of them. Zooplanktons of all groups were positively correlated with calcium and pH. Effective monitoring of the parameters of the reservoir and regulation of domestic activities in and around the reservoir are recommended in order to slow down the aging process and conserve its biodiversity for a longer period.

Keywords: Zooplanktons, Karidna Reservoir, Physicochemical Parameters, Plankton net, Hanan Instrument

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eISSN: 2006-6996
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