Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences

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Ergonomic evaluation of subjects involved in orange (Citrus sinensis) handling operations in Yanlemo Market Kano State

I Lawan, K Yahaya, Rabi K. Ahmad, A.I. Muhammad


Ergonomic evaluation of subjects involved in orange handling operation in Kano State was conducted. Anthropometric parameters were evaluated, where they were found to vary with age amongst the subjects selected. 20th and 80th percentiles of the dimensions were computed and recommended for usage in design of the relevant orange handling equipment. To evaluate the Physiological parameters, sorting/grading operations and washing operations were selected for this study. Results obtained revealed that, heart beat rate, oxygen consumption and energy expenditure varied amongst the subjects with age. Muscular stress and postural disorder were also studied. Comparing the parameters obtained during sorting/grading operation and that obtained during washing operations revealed that orange operations resulted to superior drudgery and musculoskeletal disorders.

Keywords: Anthropometrics, Energy expenditure, Drudgery, Operations and Musculoskeletal disorder
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