Measurement of activity concentrations in soil samples in Bitsichi area of Plateau State

  • D.I. Jwanbot
  • E.E. Ike
  • M.M. Izam
Keywords: activity concentrations, soil samples, gamma ray spectrometry, Plateau State


The activity of thirty (30) soil samples collected from the mines and mills were determined using gamma ray spectrometry. For 40K the value lies between (93.3 ± 30.1) Bq/kg – (10231.7 ± 482.0) Bq/kg. The activity concentration for Uranium range from (81.1 ± 22.2) Bq/kg – (12025.0 ± 289.6) Bq/kg while that of Th fall between (171.1 ± 11.4) and (52588.9 ± 250.9Bq/kg). It may be deduced that the major source of the radioactivity is Th with a peak value recorded where monazite was mainly processed. The contributions to radiation dose that can be derived from these concentrations are seen to be high and pose serious detrimental health effect to the population in the area.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996