Effects of some heavy metal pollutants on fertility characteristics of an irrigated savannah Alfisol

  • U.D Mansur
  • K Garba
Keywords: Heavy metals, soil fertility, Jakara River, effect


This research was conducted on the irrigated soils along the banks of the Jakara River within the metropolitan Kano and its suburb. Soil samples were collected between latitude 11o59’ and 12o 08’N and longitude 8o34’ and 8o 42’E at an altitude of 486.5m. The study investigated the effects of some heavy metals (Cd, Pb and Cu) on the fertility indices of the soil. Grid sampling was employed in which 100m2 of land was randomly selected in each of two sampling areas and was divided into ten equally sized grid cells of 10m2. Samples were analyzed for lead, cadmium and copper concentrations as well as fertility related parameters such as CEC and basic cations. Data obtained was subjected to correlation analysis using the Pearson moment correlation coefficient technique. The mean values of the heavy metals and the fertility indices are considered for the two sampling areas in bulk. Significantly positive correlation was found to exist between CEC, organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus at P = 0.01. Significantly positive correlation was also found to exist between lead and potassium; lead and phosphorus; nitrogen and magnesium and copper and phosphorus. The quality of the soil for production is not immediately under threat especially with the very low mean values of the pollutants and the lack of significant effects they exert on many of the fertility indices determined.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996