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Study of ichtyofauna of Daberam Reservoir, Katsina State

U Bala
I Lawal
PI Bolorunduro
SJ Oniye
SA Abdullahi
AH Bichi


Research was carried out to explore the fish species diversity and study some aspects of the
Biology of fish of Daberam reservoir, Katsina state, for a period of three month from March to May
2009. 66 Samples of fish were collected from commercial fishermen and experimental fishing
gears, preserved in formalin and taken to laboratory for identification. Seven genera comprising
eleven species were identified. The regression coefficient (b) were 3.07, 2.91 and 3.21 for the three
most commercially importance species in the reservoir i.e. Oreochromis niloticus, Tilapia zilli and
Clarias gariepinus respectively, the results indicated Positive allometric growth for O. niloticus and
C. gariepinus and negative allometric growth for T. zilli. The mean condition factor (k) was 1.140,
with values of 1.027, 1.660, and 0.732 for O. niloticus, T. zilli and C. gariepinus respectively. This
result indicates that the fish are not leaving well compared to other freshwater fishes.
Key words: Daberam reservoir, fishdiversity, allometric growth, condition factor