Anthropomethric Studies of the Interpupillary Distance among the Igbos of South Eastern Nigeria

  • UG Esomonu
  • MG Taura
  • IY Anas
  • MH Modibbo
Keywords: Far and Near interpupillary Distance, Igbos, Southeastern Nigeria, Viktorin’s method


The objective of the study is to establish standards for the Near Inter pupilliary distance (NIPD) and Far Inter pupilliary distance (FIPD) among the Igbos of south eastern Nigeria. A total number of three thousand subjects were measured (male = 1500 and female = 1500). The sample size comprised of 500 males and 500 females for each group comprising of: adults (26-45 years), young adults (16-25 years) and children (7-15 years). The modified Viktorin's method was used in the study. There was significant sexual dimorphism observed in young adults NIPD and FIPD values, these values were higher in females, but in the group as a whole the male value was significantly higher than the female value for the FIPD. The difference between the NIDP and FIDP was statistically significant in all particular age groups in either sex. The overall anatomical far interpupillary distance (FIPD) was, on the average, wider than the near interpupillary distance (NIPD), with a difference of 6.4mm in males and 5.6mm in females. The knowledge of the normal values of these parameters in different races and ethnic groups can help in studying cranio-facial syndromes and reconstructive surgeries. It is useful also for commercial frame and lens design and in clinical consideration when designing binocular optical instruments.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996