Evaluation of Microbiological Safety of Herbal Concoctions Sold in Some Markets in Gabasawa and Nassarawa Local Government Areas in Kano State

  • PU Ebo
  • MD Mukhtar
  • DW Taura
Keywords: Concoctions, Safety, Kano, Herbal, Market


A study was carried out on the microbial safety of herbs sourced from some markets in Gabasawa Local Government and Nassarawa Local Government Areas in Kano state. A total of 12 different sample of herbal concoctions were collected from vendors in 2 market from the two Local Government Areas. Enumeration of coliform count, and aerobic bacterial count were carried out using MPN (Most Probable Number) and pour-plate techniques respectively. Enumeration of fungi was also carried out using pour-plate technique. Specific pathogens were also isolated and characterized using standard procedures. The result showed that coliform counts ranged between <3 and >2, 4000 MPN/ML. the mean aerobic viable bacterial count/ml ranged between <3 x 102 cfu/ml and TNC (too numerous to count) cfu/ml, while that of fungal counts ranged from <1x101 to TNC cfu/ml. the occurrence of Escherichia coli is 58.33%, yeast (75%), Aspergillus spps. (41.67%). Penicillium spps. (16.67%), Mucor spps. (33.33%), Rhizopus spps. (41.67%). The findings showed a high microbial contamination among the varieties of concoctions sampled. Adoption of hygiene and good manufacturing practices are therefore recommended as they can improve safety and acceptability of herbal preparations.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996