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Handedness and Footedness in Footballers in Jos, Nigeria

AI Shugaba, MBT Umara, CB Uzokwe, AA Akeem, AM Rabiu, RM Mathew


This study was carried out to compare handedness and footedness in a sample of 50 footballers in Jos, Nigeria and also to determine if any significant relationship exists between handedness of the footballers and that of their first degree relatives. 25 self-professed right handed and 25 self professed left handed were randomly selected from various teams in Jos and compared on preference measures. Their ages range between 18 -35 years. All information was obtained using a standard questionnaire and the data generated analyzed using ANOVA. The results showed that 84% of right handed footballers were also right footed, 4% were left footed, and 12% were mixed footed with no particular foot preference. Of the 25 left handed footballers, 28% were right footed while 72% were left footed. This shows that the left handed footballers were significantly less lateralized than the right handed footballers. Statistical analysis showed that the observed difference between the two groups was not significant (P > 0.05). The results showed that the incidence of left handedness was significantly higher among the male siblings of the left handed footballers. This study also showed that lateral preference between right handedness and left handedness is not significant and there was possibility of genetic factor involvement in the occurrence of left handedness among males.

Keywords: Handedness, footedness, footballers, Jos
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