Gestational Gigantomastia: Report of a Rare Case and Literature Review

  • Y.M. Abdullahi
  • A.B. Zarami
  • A.I. Lawan
  • M.I. Guduf
  • H.U. Farouk
  • U.H. Pindiga


Background: Gestational gigantomastia is a rare disorder with unknown aetiology. It commonly occurs during the first and early second trimesters and mostly affects women during their second and third decades of life. The disease has been reported to be more common among Caucasians than Blacks and involves both breasts in 92% of cases. There are no standard treatment protocols for the disease, however, both medical use of bromocriptine and simple mastectomy have been applied.

Case summary: We present a case of 32-year-old un-booked female, G8P7+0, 7 alive, who presented with bilateral breast enlargement with ulceration at 25 weeks’ gestation. The diagnosis was confirmed by tissue biopsy and simple mastectomy was done and the pregnancy was allowed to continue to term.

Conclusion: This case report describes the first case of gestational gigantomastia in our environment and the seventh case reported in Africa to increase our awareness on how to diagnose and rule out other causes of bilateral massively enlarged breasts during pregnancy and the treatment options for this distressing clinical condition.


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eISSN: 2437-1734
print ISSN: 0189-9422