Mathematical Model to Determine Motion of Infinitesimal Mass When Primaries Are both Radiating and Triaxial

  • Atanyi Yusuf Emmanuel
  • H.K. Oduwole
  • Gilbert Aimufua
  • Ayeni O. Abam
Keywords: Model, Motion, Infinitesimal, Radiating, Triaxial.


This model has examined the motion of an infinitesimal particle when both primaries are radiating and triaxial in the framework of the Circular Restricted Three Body Problem (CR3BP). It was observed that the equations of motion were affected by perturbing forces (triaxiality and radiation pressures) of the primary bodies. Analytically, the locations of equilibrium points were obtained and applied to the binary systems Kruger 60 (AB) and Achird to obtain the numerical results with the help of MathLab software. Numerical investigations reveal that locations of equilibrium points of this problem have been determined and the effect of increasing triaxiality on the position of equilibrium point were obtained with graphical results. It reveal that the infinitesimal mass moves in the direction of the bigger primary towards the line joining the primary bodies. The linear stability of the equilibrium points has also been examined and a numerical solution of the analytical result was applied to the binary stars Kruger 60. It was found that the triangular points are unstable which means that the instability exist as a result of the presence of perturbation forces (Radiation and Triaxiality).

Keywords: Model, Motion, Infinitesimal, Radiating, Triaxial.


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eISSN: 2635-3490
print ISSN: 2476-8316