Optimal control of mathematical modelling for Ebola virus population dynamics in the presence of vaccination

  • J. Andrawus
  • S. Abdulrahman
  • R.V.K. Singh
  • S.S. Manga
Keywords: Ebola Virus, Mathematical Model, Optimal Control, Population Dynamics


Ebola virus is a severe often fatal illness in human, which is known to be very dangerous and highly infectious disease that seized many lives in west African countries. In this paper, a mathematical model for the population dynamics of Ebola virus diseases incorporating bats compartment, recovery due to immune response and vaccination was constructed. Pontryagin’s maximum principle has been applied on the model to determine the necessary conditions for the optimal control of the Ebola virus in the presence of vaccination and fruit bats population, the optimality of most of the controls have been analyzed to use a small resources available in other to maximize the performance of the controls. The numerical simulation shows that with small resources if 0.1 percent of the people in a society can be vaccinated daily, Ebola can be mitigated in the environment.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2635-3490
print ISSN: 2476-8316