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A paradigm Shift Approach in Transforming Arts and Humanities in East African Universities from Endangerment

Télesphore Ngarambe
Charline Mulindahabi
Abubakar Kateregga
Pierre Canisius Ruterana


This paper discusses the current situation of the arts and humanities disciplines in East African universities and their endangerment. Basing on a sample of 170 respondents, selected from 10 universities, the paper applies a mixed-method approach to collect primary and secondary data by means of questionnaire and interview guides. The analysis applied the thematic approach. The findings show that the causes of the arts and humanities disciplines include lack of government support and sponsorship, misconceptions by the public and limited employability. Despite their relegation to a weak position, it was found that these disciplines significantly contribute to both national and international economies. In addition, they remain fundamental to contemporary societies which call for a symbiosis between STEM and non-STEM disciplines. It is in this context that this paper proposes a paradigm shift to save the arts and humanities from demise through the following strategies: curricular reform, embedding sciences in culture, improvement of marketing and admission approaches, assessment of the contribution of the arts and humanities to national and international economies as well as adopting a competence and market-based approach.

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eISSN: 2714-2132
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