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The Eastern Africa Journal of Rural Development (EAJRD) is now going to be jointly published by the Ugandan Agricultural Economics Association - a professional body for Agricultural Economists and those interested in agricultural economics and rural development issues - and the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, Makerere University, Uganda. EAJRD Policy Concerning Publication All data used in the analysis must be clearly and completely documented. Computational methods should be explained in sufficient detail to permit replication. Authors must be willing to make the data used in the analysis available to any researcher for purposes of replication. If these conditions cannot be met, the Editor must be notified in writing at the time that a paper is submitted to the Journal. The Editorial Committee reviews articles submitted and decides on their suitability for consideration. Promising articles are then sent to a minimum of two reviewers. Comments from the reviewers are forwarded to the author with a summary from the Editorial board. Revised articles that satisfy the reviewers and the editorial board are then published. All authors are required to submit a cover letter concerning the following areas: a statement that the material in the manuscript has not been published, is not being published or considered for publication elsewhere, and will not be submitted for publication elsewhere unless rejected by the Journal editor or withdrawn by the author or one of the authors for joint articles. that the employer of the author(s), if any, either does not assert an ownership interest in the manuscript or is willing to convey such interest to the EAJRD that submission of the manuscript gives the EAJRD exclusive right to publish, to copyright, and to allow or deny reproduction of it, in whole or in part. Subjects The Editorial Committee of the EAJRD welcomes and publishes theoretical and empirical papers in the areas of: Economics; Agricultural Economics; Agribusiness; Agricultural Extension Education; Rural Sociology & Development; Natural Resources and Environment Studies. While the primary focus of the Journal is Eastern Africa, articles originating from the rest of the world are encouraged and will be accepted. Although the general orientation of the Journal is rural development, interdisciplinary papers by researchers in other closely related fields will be welcomed. The Journal is intended not only to be of interest to rural development practitioners but also to the scientific community concerned with improving the well-being of the rural populace. Anonymity in the Review Process To protect their anonymity, authors should appear only on the Title Page (Page 1). In addition, the Title Page should contain the title of the manuscript, author(s) names, complete affiliations (institution, physical address, e-mail address and telephone number) and the name and complete mailing address of the person to whom all correspondence should be addressed. All pages should be numbered (including the Title Page; Page 1). Page 2 should contain an Abstract of no more than 200 words, excluding the Keywords section. Typing. Authors should double space all the material, including footnotes, tables, quotations and bibliographies on A4 inch standard weight white paper with margins on all sides of at least 1 inch. The main text should not be in italics. The Manuscripts SHOULD NOT EXCEED 30 PAGES of FONT SIZE 12 NEW TIMES ROMAN. This INCLUDES Tables, Appendices and the Bibliography. Mathematical Notation While use of mathematical notation improves the clarity of approach, it is costly to typeset. Authors are, therefore, advised to use only essential mathematical notation. Authors should also avoid using the same character for both superscripts and subscripts and using capital letters as superscripts or subscripts. Footnotes Footnotes should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper (not page by page) with superscript Arabic numerals. Footnotes should be only explanatory and not for citation. They should then be typed on a separate page double-spaced. References and Citations All references, alphabetized by author should be put in a list at the end of the paper entitled “References”. Only cited work should be included in the reference list. Journal article information in the reference list should include year of publication. All citations should appear in the text and should contain the author's name and year of publication. The following reference style is acceptable: Miranda, Mario J., and Peter G. Helmberger. “The Effects of Commodity Price Stabilization Programs.” American Economic Review 78(1988):46-58. Tables: Number all tables consecutively with Arabic numerals. Each table should be placed on a separate page, double-spaced. All tables should have titles. Footnotes to tables should be lower case, superscript italic letters (e.g. ab) and should appear double-spaced immediately below the table. Figures All illustrations should be considered as figures and numbered consecutively throughout the text with Arabic numerals. Type figure legends double-spaced on a separate page. All artwork must be submitted in form suitable for reproduction. Camera ready figures must be prepared using professional techniques that are suitable for photographic reproduction. Copies and Personal Computer Diskettes Please send TWO hard copies and ONE soft copy (on 3.5” Diskette or as an Attachment file via E-mail) to the editor. All copies should be inspected for completeness and quality of reproduction prior to mailing. All manuscripts and diskettes should be mailed to:- The Editor, Eastern Africa Journal of Rural Development, Department of Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness, Makerere University, P.O. Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda. E-mail copies should be sent to: Soft copies submitted to the EAJRD on 3.5” diskettes should be labelled with type of computer used, the type of software and the version number. The hard copy print out of the manuscript should exactly match the disk file. The Journal office will not accept disks without accompanying hard copy printouts of all files on the disk. Disks that are not translatable or economical to process will not be used. The Journal publishers reserve the right not to use the disk. When in doubt please contact the Journal office for clarification at 256-041-531152, Fax No.256-041-531641 or e-mail: / Submission Fee for Authors. There is Non-refundable Submission Fee of US $ 30.00 for Authors for EACH PAPER submitted. Cheques (in US $) should be made payable to the Department of Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness and must accompany the original submission of the manuscripts. If authors prefer TTs (Telegraphic Transfers), they should be sent to the Department of Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness Account, Uganda Commercial Bank Ltd, Makerere University Branch: Account NO. 31009788. Authors in East Africa can also deliver cash of US $ 30 by REGISTERED MAIL in a khaki envelope with the manuscripts or by hand to the Department of Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness, Makerere University. All manuscripts received without the necessary fee will be NOT be considered for publication.

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