East and Central African Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Effects of Native and Pregelatinised Fonio starches on compression, mechanical and release properties of paracetamol tablet formulations

J Muazu, H Musa, PG Bhatia


Native and modified (pregelatinised) Fonio starches were evaluated as binding agents in comparison with maize starch B.P. in paracetamol tablet formulations. Compressional properties of the formulations were analyzed using density measurements and assessed by the compression equation of Heckel. The mechanical properties of the formulations were assessed using crushing strength and friability while drug release properties were assessed using disintegration and dissolution times. Tablet formulations containing pregelatinised Fonio starch exhibited low onset of plastic deformation, while that of native Fonio starch were similar to that of maize starch BP. The crushing strength, disintegration and dissolution times increased with increase in binder concentrations while the friability value decreased. The results show that Fonio starch would be a good alternative to maize starch in producing uncoated tablets.

Keywords: Fonio starch, pregelatinised starch, binder, compression, Heckel equation

East and Central African Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Vol. 12 (2009) 28- 33

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