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Anthelmintic and Other Pharmacological Activities of the Root Bark Extracts of <i>Albizia anthelmintica</i> Brongn

GN Thoithi
N Maingi
D Karume
PK Gathumbi
JW Mwangi
IO Kibwage


The anthelmintic activity of water, methanol and chloroform extracts of the root bark of Albizia anthelmintica on strongyle-type sheep nematode eggs and larvae were examined in vitro. In addition, pharmacological tests were carried out on the water extract to confirm other ethnomedical uses of the plant. The water extract inhibited hatching of the nematode eggs as well as development of larvae. It caused larval mortality at moderately high doses. The methanol extract had no effect on the eggs and on the development of larvae, but had high activity against survival of the larvae. The chloroform extract was the least active of the three extracts and it had moderate effect on larval development and larval survival. In addition, the water extract caused contraction of the smooth muscle of the guinea pig and rabbit ileum and the rat uterus. The water extract had negative inotropic and chronotropic effects and contractile effects on guinea pig trachea. The results support the ethnomedical use of this plant as an anthelmintic and for prevention of hemorrhage after birth.

Key Words: Albizia anthelmintica, anthelmintic activity, pharmacology

East and Central African Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Vol.5(3) 2002: 60-66