Steroidal Indoxyls: Evaluation of Pka Values and Anti-inflammatory Activity

  • F N Kamau
  • I P Kibwage
  • G Muriuki
  • A N Guantai
  • H Chepkwony
  • J Hoogmartens
  • E Roets
  • R Busson
Keywords: Steroidal indoxyls, pKa values, anti-inflammatory


Three steroidal indoxyls, 3-oxo-16,17-seco-16-nor-1,4-androstadien-15-(7\'-methoxy-2-indoxyliden)17-oic acid, 1-(2\'-indoxyliden)-2-nor-1,2-secocholestan-3-oic acid and 1-(5\'- chloro-2-indoxyliden)-2-nor-1,2-secocholestan-3-oic acid were synthesized and screened for anti-inflammatory activity. Their pKa values were also determined using a solubility method. The first compound, 3-oxo-16,17-seco-16-nor-1,4-androstadien-15-(7\'-methoxy-2-indoxyliden) 17-oic acid, had an ED50 value of 15.3 mg/kg and a pKa of 7.09. The cholestane derivative, 1-(2\'-indoxyliden)-2-nor-1,2-secocholestan-3-oic acid, and its chloro analogue 1-(5\'-chloro-2-indoxyliden)-2-nor-1,2-secocholestan-3-oic acid had ED50 values of 16.2 and 22.8 mg/kg, while their pKa values were 6.56 and 7.07, respectively, suggesting that these compounds are relatively weak acids.

Keywords: Steroidal indoxyls, pKa values, anti-inflammatory

The East and Central African Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Vol. 9 (2) 2006: pp. 52-57

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eISSN: 1026-552X