Resettlement Revisited: The Post-Resettlement Assessment in Biftu Jalala Resettlement Site

  • S Gizaw
Keywords: post-resettlement, assessment, re-settlers, origin, destination, Biftu Jalala


Ethiopia had been facing a series of food shortages in history. In addressing this problem, the country has developed and been exercising arrays of development polices and strategies, among which resettlement is one to be mentioned. Resettlement programmes undertaken by different regimes of Ethiopia, therefore, have a declared objective of improving the life of the rural people affected by drought-induced famines, land degradation, among others by taking them into unutilized but potentially productive and risk free lands. The general objective of this paper was to examine the post resettlement socioeconomic and environmental situation at Biftu Jalala Settlement site. Mixed research methodology, with both primary and secondary data sources, was employed. The study brought to light that the resettlement site that was identified as idle and unutilized spot was found not to be as such and it has been used by small number of farmers who still are called the ‘old settlers’. The promise to provide re-settlers with sufficient amount of cleared farmland was not realized because of the scarcity of farm land available at the destination. There were huge losses of forest and other natural resources compared with the pre resettlement time. The re-settlers were provided with no education and advice about environmental degradation. It was observed that collective facilities were put in place by the government for use by re-settlers but the majority was found with limited capacity. The shared agreement among all the respondents was that their current livelihood situation is by far better than the former one and they do not dream to return to their origin. It is recommended that where resettlement is inevitable, detailed research, imaginative planning, concerned institutional building, participation of resettlers and receiving communities, and proper preparation should be made. 

Keywords: post-resettlement, assessment, re-settlers, origin, destination, Biftu Jalala


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