Cooperative professionalism in theatre arts production management

  • OD Oamen
  • RA Anyanwu
Keywords: Cooperative professionalism, Theatre arts production management, Professional cooperative troupe


Theatre production is a collaborative effort of unit professionals. This article attempts to advance the possibilities of professional cooperative against the huge financial commitment into theatre production by individuals. It strives to position professional cooperative as the cooperation of the various professionals in every specialized area of the theatre. This posit has the potency to create employment, cut cost of production, reduce audition sentiments, enhance loan advancement and engage professionals in production when established. It further argues that cooperative professionalism will ensure that professionals provide the best within their profession with collective effort as the cooperators in theatre production. It concludes that this will substitute a great deal for the huge financial commitment, which has reduced professionals to beggars of sort. This will further strengthen their financial muscles as well as reduce the financial strength of production cartel. It posits that professional cooperative in theatre production is capable of turning the tide to effect a change within the industry that will make professionals totally in charge of the theatre business.

Keywords: Cooperative professionalism, Theatre arts production management, Professional cooperative troupe