Determinants of the role of gender on adoption of row planting of tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter] in central Ethiopia

  • Almaz Giziew
  • Begashaw Mebrate
Keywords: Adoption, Gender, Intensity of Adoption, Marginal effect, Tobit


Teff is a major indigenous cereal crop in Ethiopia, produced for household consumption and income generation. The determinant factors of adoption of teff row planting by female farmers vis-à-vis their male counterparts are not understood. Therefore, a survey was conducted to identify factors that determine adoption of teff row planting technology in a gender perspective in Moretna Jiru district, North Shoa, Ethiopia. A random sample of 131 male and 31 female headed households were randomly taken from four kebeles (lowest administrative unit) of the district. Primary data was collected from sample respondents and secondary data from various other sources. Descriptive statistics and Tobit regression were used in data analysis. Tobit regression was used to identify determinant factors of adoption. The findings of the marginal effect revealed that 81% of the female headed households (FHH) had favorable attitude towards the technology, a year increase in schooling increased the intensity of use of the technology by 39% and one ha increase in land holding size increased it by 30%. With regard to male headed households (MHH), positive attitude towards the technology increased the intensity of use of the technology by 39%, getting extension service by 38% and increase in education by 24%. In conclusion, extension agents should work hard with female headed farmers and ensure the implementation of teff row planting technology by strengthening FTCs via improved resources.


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