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Management of snout beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on maize using Dynamic 400 FS in north-western Ethiopia

Bayuh Belay
Melaku Wale


Despite the huge role maize plays as a staple food crop in Ethiopia, soil dwelling snout beetles, among other constraints, are upsetting its production. The pests have created an emergency management situation in north-western Amhara, Ethiopia. To alleviate this constraint, the insecticide Dynamic, along with the standard insecticide (check), Cruiser and others, was evaluated in the field against snout beetles in 2010. The experiment was laid out in randomized complete block design with three replications. The highest rate of ‘Dynamic (4 ml/kg seed)’ performed close to the standard check, Cruiser, in terms of maize stand count, maize seedling damage, snout beetle population and grain yield. Mean grain yield levels ranged from 2270 kg/ha for the untreated check to 4600 kg/ha for plots treated with the highest rate of Cruiser (3 ml/kg seed). Higher rate of Cruiser application gave the highest grain yield advantage, i.e., 103% (or 2330 kg/ha) over the untreated control. The second highest yield advantage (90% or 2050 kg/ha) over the control was obtained from the highest rate of Dynamic application (4 ml/kg seed). Therefore, Dynamic is recommended for immediate application at the higher rate of 4 ml/kg seed against snout beetles.

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