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Comparative activity of Platinum and Gold nanoparticles catalysts for Carbon monoxide oxidation

Jovine Emmanuel


The activity of Pt and Au nanoparticles catalysts over titania support for carbon monoxide oxidation was investigated. Pt and Au catalysts were synthesised by a high-throughput physical vapour deposition methodology (HT-PVD). A parallel thermographic screening methodology, which enabled the quantification of the activity of Pt and Au catalysts for CO oxidation reaction, was applied. A particle size effect in the catalytic activity of Pt and Au was observed, with the smallest particles exhibiting the highest activity. The activity of Pt and Au catalysts increased with temperature. Au catalyst displayed high activity at 80 ℃, while Pt catalyst had higher activity at 170 ℃. Although CO oxidation on Pt and Au catalysts is particle size-dependent, results show that Au nanoparticles catalyst exhibits the strongest particles size dependence as compared to Pt catalyst.

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eISSN: 2312-6019
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