Time: A Critical Parameter in Satellite Navigation and Positioning Infrastructure

  • IJ Nwadialor
Keywords: time, atomic clock, satellite segments, performance, accuracy


The applications of space-borne satellites are increasing in many aspects of human endeavours; the most among them being the provision of guaranteed access to users of precise time and location services. An investigation was therefore carried out through a review process mechanism to determine the orbit parameter that has great influence ona satellite for ensured performance and accuracy. This was approached through the consideration of the role of time in satellite navigation and positioning, with reference to some satellites’ principal characteristics: satellite segments, satellite orbit, satellite position fixing, and some error sources in satellite systems. It was found that these characteristics are intrinsicly or extrinsicly highly time dependent and related in satellite operations. In addition efforts were made to highlight the design and development of atomic clocks for accurate time keeping in satellite navigation and ranging. Consequently, it was observed that without time, satellite navigation and positioning infrastructural provision would not be possible; thus, concluding that time is a critical parameter in services rendered through the satellite initiatives. Keywords: time, atomic clock, satellite segments, performance, accuracy

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eISSN: 1597-8826
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