Gender and Behaviour

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Media discourse on women and political participation in Nigeria in the context of feminist theory: an assessment

Luqman Saka, Lere Amusan, Opeyemi Aluko


Discourse on women and the discrimination that they suffer in social relations continue to animate discussion about the roles and place of women across societies especially in Africa. It is within the context of the discourse on the nature of the relationship that the term gender emanates. Thus, gender as use in social science discourse highlights the nature, forms and dynamism of social relations between men and women and how this inform power, privileges and aspirations between the sexes. As a social issue, discourse on gender within the media (print, electronic and social media) has gained ascendancy. The media as agenda setting institution has elevated discussion on gender relations inclusive of the discourse on women’s active participation in the political process and the implications that its portends for national development. Therefore situating its discussion within the context of liberal feminist theory and drawing insights from news articles, opinion pieces, editorial, and commentaries from Nigerian newspapers and published academic materials this paper examines media discourse on women’s political participation within the Nigerian political space. It highlights the centrality of media presentation to the task of advancing women’s participation in the political process in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic.

Keywords: Feminism, Gender, Media, Political participation and Nigeria

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