Boosting biology students’ achievement and Self concept through constructivist-based Instructional model (CBIM)

  • Helen N. Ibe


This study ascertained the effects of engaging learners with Constructivist-Based Instructional Model (CBIM) for achievement and self concept in Biology in a learner-centered Science classroom. The quasi-experimental design which involved pre-test and post-test activities with intact groups. The sample consists of 100 SS 2 students selected through a purposive sampling procedure. The Biology Achievement Test (BAT) was used to determine the students’ achievement in both pre-tests and posttests while self-concept inventory which includes 15 items of general self-concept, 20 items of academic self-concept, and 20 items of non-academic self-concept. The reliability of the instrument (BAT) was ascertained by the use of Kuder Richardson formula 20 (K – R) 20. The co-efficient of internal consistency was established at 0.78 while the reliability of self-concept inventory established using Cronbach Alpha had a coefficient of 0.69. Findings from the study showed that Learners taught with Constructivist-Based Instructional Model (CBIM) had higher achievement in the researcher-made Biology Test than those taught using Lecture method. Equally, the self-concept of students taught with Constructivist-Based Instructional Model (CBIM) was higher than their counterpart taught with Lecture method .The reason for this result could be that the learner’s in the CBIM group had good interaction with the materials which offered the learners hands-on, minds-on as well hearts-on experiences. The constructivist model is not gender selective as the outcome of its use did not discriminate against the gender of the students. This is because in this model the key factors that influence the learning process – the learners, teachers, tasks and context do not exist in isolation. Students taught with constructivist method show evidences of knowledge retention than those taught with lecture method. The study therefore recommended that Science Teachers (Biology) should use Constructivist-Based Instructional Model (CBIM) in teaching so as to create a learning environment that is invigorating, interactive and informative.


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eISSN: 1596-6224