Science and mathematics education as tools for developing entrepreneurship skills among secondary school students in Cross River State, Nigeria

  • Ogbe Alphonsus Okori
  • Omenka Jerry Ebere


This paper examined the relevance of Basic Science, mathematics and technology as an important tool for developing entrepreneurship skills among upper Basic students in junior secondary schools in Cross River State of Nigeria. Due to lack of employment opportunities which has become a very serious issue in Nigeria today, the need for entrepreneurship skills to be inculcated in this students is very important especially at the upper Basic level where some of the students may not have the opportunity to further their education such students can use the skills which was inculcated into them to become an independent person who can now establish either a bee farm, can go into planting of flowers which in turn can be sold to provide money for him, poultry farm, snail farm, manufacturing of liquid soap, making of perfume, computer repairs and maintenance, construction of inverter. Employment of qualified teachers and improved method of teaching can go a long way in developing these skills in the students, it has been observed that lack of fund, qualified teachers and non existence of entrepreneurship club in our schools are some of the challenges that hinder the inculcation of entrepreneurship skills to our students. Adequate fund should be made available; awareness about inculcating such skills to our student should be created. Junior secondary school students should be taught on how to be self reliant and engaging in gainful ventures that can generate money for them. Every teacher teaching science, mathematics and technology should organize a field trip for the students as this will enable the students have first hand information and seeing things for themselves. It was concluded that Entrepreneurship has the potential of equipping individuals with skills that can help individuals to be self reliant even creates and generate employment for others.


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eISSN: 1596-6224