Retention and brain drain of academic staff in higher institution in Nigeria: a case study of University of Calabar

  • Sampson Ahmad Anokye
  • John Arikpo Okri
  • Emmanuel A. Adie
Keywords: Retention, brain drain and academic staff


Since the inception of higher education, it has been observed that academic staff has been catalysts who have been propellers of the development of higher education through teaching (lecturing), learning, researching and community development when necessary tools and materials were provided to enhance effective teaching and learning of students who invariably become the leaders of tomorrow. But for some decades now, the higher institutions have been criticized for not providing students what it takes so that they can compete favourably with their counterparts in international markets. This unwanted assumption has happened as a result of mismanagement of academic staff in terms of staff development, proper incentives, infrastructure decay such as office accommodation and motivation, proper remuneration, delay in payment of salaries, staff training and retraining, fringe benefits and promotion when due. Based on the stated facts, highly qualified, competent, dedicated, diligent, skilled academic staff always find their way out to where their needs would be met rapidly. This movement of academic staff in tertiary institutions have negative effect on the institution and also the students in that they would be no immediate replacement to fill the vacuum and this can affect their academic performance and expert. If rapid and pragmatic approach for retention is not given proper attention, the academic staff leave the system to seek for a place where there are better conditions of service possibly in overseas countries such as the United Kingdom. If they find that there is disparity, they leave where they were for where better conditions of service are available. This paper suggests various ways where retention of academic staff would be given proper attention to curtail brain drain to the bearest minimum.

Keywords: Retention, brain drain and academic staff


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eISSN: 1596-6224