Social emotional model for coping with learning among adolescent secondary school students

  • Mwita Sospeter
  • Theresia J Shavega
  • Cosmas Mnyanyi
Keywords: social emotional behaviour, adolescents, coping, learning


Social emotions are frequently experienced in every individual in the daily life including adolescents’ secondary school students. The mult-social emotional changes such as aggressive and happiness among adolescents influences students coping with learning at school. The purpose of this study was to develop social emotional model for coping with learning among adolescent secondary school students. Specifically the study attempted to answer the extent social emotional model is effective in improving students coping with learning. The study adapted collaborative action research design in which a total of 244 adolescent secondary school students responded to questionnaires and focus group discussion. The effectiveness of the developed social emotional model for student coping with learning was reported by students through the questionnaires. It was found that the aspects incorporated in the model improved practices in learning outcomes to both teachers and students in coping with learning. It was found that, Teachers used guidance and counseling, action oriented activities such as role play, encouraging play and exploration as the strategies to foster active engagement among adolescent secondary school students towards learning adjustment. Furthermore, the study revealed positive significant because the data in the model summary shows that the value of r=.351 indicates that one item for adolescent secondary school students coping with learning increased for about 35.1% with 77.5% standard error of the estimated predictor value. Although this study was conducted in Tanzania employing moderate sample size from which the data was gathered with the help of collaboration action research design. The findings provide guidelines for further replicate research on social emotion behaviours and academic performance in education elsewhere.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-6224