Information And Communication Technology (Ict) As A Tool For Health Education Curriculum Implementation In Nigeria

  • OG Oshodin
  • CO Idehen


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) consist of the newest innovation in the world of telecommunication systems. It is highly efficient, communicative, interactive and a powerful educational system. This paper is of the position that ICT can be useful in the process of implementing the several components of the health education curriculum within the school setting. However, the efficacy of employing ICT systems in health education instructional process may be seemingly difficult if the basic challenges of IT are not addressed. These challenges were enumerated and include poor installation of ICT related facilities, irregular electricity/power supply and poor maintenance culture. In order to contain these challenges, the authors suggested that proper installation, handling and storage of ICT facilities including wireless components must be well organized and coordinated, teachers and students should show interest and benefit from using ICT facilities; where electricity is not available, alternative source of power must be provided early enough by teachers and students, the school management and the host community. If ICT is properly employed in the school environment, health education teachers and students can work more efficiently. Thus better productivity, communication, research and the actualization of health education curriculum objectives are assured.

Global Journal for Educational Research Vol. 6 (1&2) 2007: pp. 11-14

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eISSN: 1596-6224