Using Mfamosing limestone ore in teaching the concept of separation of mixtures in senior secondary school chemistry

  • A U Ugbe
  • A O Akinbobola


The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of using Mfamosing limestone ore, in the teaching of the concept of separation of mixture. This in response to the call for the deployment of materials within the learner's immediate environment as a means of finding a solution to persistent shortage of learning resources for the teaching of Chemistry in secondary schools. A total of 120 senior secondary two (SS2) chemistry students were involved in the study. This number was made up of 62 females and 58 males from four secondary schools in Calabar educational zone of Cross River State of Nigeria. A pretest- posttest control group design was used for the study. From the findings, it was observed that Mfamosing limestone ore as a resource for the teaching of concept of separation of mixture is more effective in enhancing student's performance in chemistry than iron filings and Sulphur as a resource. The result also showed an insignificant difference existing between the performance of male and female students when taught the concept of separation of mixture using Mfamosing limestone ore. Conclusion from findings led to the recommendation that chemistry teachers should be encouraged to explore the use of limestone ore to teach the concept of separation of mixtures.

Global Journal of Educational Research Vol. 5 (1&2) 2006: pp. 1-4

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eISSN: 1596-6224