Study Behaviour: A counselling approach

  • P A Okpechi


Academic achievement analyses by eminent psychologists have proved beyond doubt, that of all the academic problems besting learners at different levels of our educational system, study problem is the most grandiose, and constitutes the major headache in academic success. This paper has therefore been written to ameliorate students study problem and to increase the probability of success in important examinations. The stress throughout is on what is right, and how to achieve it through strategies for studying, preparing for and passing examinations. Counsellors can identify students' areas of strengths and weakness in relation to the norming sample and their stand on the various study practice areas. The researcher recommended that students should take their studies seriously as their failure and success lies on it. He equally draws the attention of students to the essentials of study behaviour, time management, organisation of study task, etc.

Global Journal of Educational Research Vol. 5 (1&2) 2006: pp. 5-11

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eISSN: 1596-6224